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Truenewsheadlines.org is a curated news platform for REAL news that provides readers with a one-stop spot to easily access some of the latest, most important news headlines happening today. It is a part of G.M.M., LLC, and based out of Philadelphia, PA, and founded by former traditional print journalist and Penn State University alumna, Kenyetta McKinney, MA. TrueNewsHeadlines.org is made up of a diverse team of great curators, writers, researchers, and all-around empathetic people.

With a few original articles added, TrueNewsHeadlines.org vows to balance out the ‘It’s A Mood Network’ – a network of websites catering to whatever mood a person may be in—realizing that not everyone wants to be entertained but informed with real-life happenings.

If you change your mood and you are looking to be inspired, for a bit of laughter, or music and entertainment, please make sure to check out their other platforms (which are accessible from Truenewheadlines.org).


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